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On Australia Day, the backyard BBQ is king. And where there's an epic bbq, there's ice cold drinks. So fire up the barbie and embrace your Aussie-ness with this party starter punch.

Since almost every Australia Day party takes place in sweltering heat, you can never go wrong with a full esky of drinks....Step up your drinks game this year with a delicious shared punch bowl. Combining Bundaberg Rum's latest (and most delicious) premium Small Batch Spiced, PS40 Black Strap Ginger Beer, Wille Smith Traditional Apple Cider and Mango, this beauty will stay chilled to perfection over a giant ice block, while you focus on getting those snags on the barbie. 


Bundaberg Rum Small Batch Spiced
3 x Willie Smith Traditional
2 x PS40 Blackstrap Ginger Beer
Monin Mango Syrup


Punch Bowl (or large carafe)
Rocks Glasses (the short ones)
1 x Large Ice Block (you can use anything to make this from Tupperwear to empty ice cream tubs)
1 x large Ice Bag (If you don't fancy the ice block) 

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