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Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Kits

Non alcoholic cocktails (also known as virgin cocktails, mocktails or zero proof alcohol free drinks) are a cocktail-style drink created with no alcohol ingredients. The mocktail drink dates back to the start of the cocktail era first appearing in 1916. While the name of the non-alcoholic drink (and its style) has evolved since then, the popularity and refinement has only grown for mocktails and alcohol-free spirits. You can now enjoy an alcohol free margarita, gin and tonic, mixed drink or cocktail, no matter what your tipple is there is generally a non-alcoholic spirit to accompany as such.

At Cocktail Porter, we proudly offer a range of DIY alcohol-free cocktail kits that you can have delivered right to your door — so you can enjoy delicious non-alcoholic cocktails and margaritas from the comfort of your own home.

The best alcohol free cocktails at home

Fancy a cocktail… without the alcohol? We have the best non-alcoholic cocktail kit drink options for you, with no compromise on the taste! We provide you with all the cocktail kit ingredients needed to create your own non alcoholic cocktails at home. Whether you are having date night at home, craving a mid-week alcohol free tipple or are hosting a party, our DIY alcohol free mocktail kits are for you. 

Cocktail Porter creates hand crafted and carefully curated alcoholic, and non alcoholic cocktail kits that are delivered right to your door. Guaranteed to be only the most premium cocktail ingredients for you to enjoy a mocktail at home, courtesy of Cocktail Porter. Fancy an alcohol free margarita? We have the most premium mocktail cocktail kits so you can indulge, with no compromise on taste! Featuring Seedlip Garden 108; you won’t even be able to tell there is no alcohol!

Shop online for at-home non-alcoholic cocktail drinks in Australia

Whether you’re ordering a cocktail kit gift, or treating yourself Cocktail Porter has step-by-step delicious alcohol free cocktail kits and recipes. If you are looking for alcoholic cocktail kits, we also have several other DIY cocktail kits available with different bases, including tequila, rum, whisky, gin and vodka.

We also offer a cocktail subscription service that allows you to enjoy a different curated cocktail experience every single month. With a cocktail subscription, you’re given the opportunity to create and sample new cocktails that you might not otherwise consider.

If you have a question about any of our products, cocktail kits, or services, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff. Simply call the porter.