Whisky Sour + Bar Equipment Cocktail Kit
Whisky Sour + Bar Equipment Cocktail Kit
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Gin has a long and interesting history. Gin’s primary ingredient is juniper, which has been used to make alcohol since around 70 C.E. But it wasn’t until the 16th century when gin really had its heyday. Today in Australia, gin is becoming an increasingly popular drink as more people discover an array of tempting gin cocktails that go far beyond the humble G&T.

At Cocktail Porter, we proudly offer a range of DIY gin cocktail kits that you can have delivered right to your door — so you can enjoy delicious cocktails from the comfort of your own home.

The best gin cocktails at home

By providing you with all the ingredients you need to whip up your own batch of gin-based cocktails, we make it easy for you to taste fresh, fabulous cocktails at home. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet night in or hosting a party, our DIY gin cocktail kits are the perfect addition.

We personally select all the ingredients in our DIY gin cocktail kits, so you’re guaranteed to receive only the finest ingredients for your at-home cocktails. From award-winning Tanqueray gin to lip-smacking dehydrated fruit to finish off your creation, you can expect only high-quality ingredients from Cocktail Porter.

Shop online for at-home gin cocktails in Australia

Whether you’re ordering for yourself or as a gift, shop online at Cocktail Porter for step-by-step gin cocktail kits. We also have several other DIY cocktail kits available with different bases, including tequila, rum, whisky and vodka.

We also offer a cocktail subscription service that allows you to enjoy a different cocktail every single month. With a cocktail subscription, you’re given the opportunity to create and sample new cocktails that you might not otherwise consider.

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