Nights in? Nail your virtual Happy Hour.

It's social distancing – not social isolation. Connecting with friends for virtual hangouts is the new 2020.


Step 1: Choose your Connection


    There are loads of options when you are looking to connect with your mates.


    Zoom: You might be used to Zoom from your real life work meetings, all “aligned” and “moving forward” and suit & tie, but Zoom is for much more than just work and gives you the opportunity to make fun backgrounds to pretend you’re hanging in San Francisco and not your lounge room.

    FaceTime: If you and your mates are Apple I-Phone users, FaceTime is an easy and convenient way to connect with your mates on the go – at just the click of a button.

    Google Hangouts: Google has been the leader of most things digital for a while now, and Google Hangouts give everyone an opportunity to show their face. It’s like you’re sitting around the lazy susan at your favourite Chinese restaurant – but digital!

    Houseparty:  Houseparty is the latest app created to bring people together by just dropping in on your mates, just like you would at your favourite real life bar.  


    Step 2: Invite your mates


    In every friendship circle there is the person who makes sure everybody gets together. Now, it’s more important than ever to keep checking in with your friends and make sure everybody has a catch-up throughout the day. Send your invites via:


    Gmail: If you haven’t caught up with Auntie Marge in a while, a quick G-mail chat or email might be the best way to invite her along to your family reunion. Include an appointment she can save in her calendar, for easy reminders.

    Facebook Messenger: Have all your mates on Facebook and the king or queen of a group chat – use FB Messenger to start a poll on when might be the best time to meet up with your mates then ask messenger to remind the group that it’s on. Easy as!

    Instagram Chat: We all have a few mates that we spy on religiously and love what they do, why not bridge the gap between real life and digital and take some time to meet some of your online heroes.

    Netflix Group watch: Netflix recently released a new feature where you can join your mates for a virtual movie night and chat along as you would when you’re trying get your mate to be quiet for the good bits!


    Step 3: Where’s the vibe?



      We all know that boring bar none of us enjoy going to – never underestimate the importance of good lighting and music to bring the vibe. As the “bringer of good times” in your friendship group, enlist the help of these services to help make your mates feel comfy.


      Spotify: Search out your favourite bar’s playlist – many have them publicly available so you can sip away on fancy cocktails whilst – almost – feeling like you’re sitting up at the bar.

      Chat Topics: Not sure what to chat about, give your attendees an idea of what you want each other can share before the call which this handy list of chat topics.

      MixCloud – find your favourite DJ on MixCloud and share amongst your friends to really enhance the vibe.


      Step 4: What To Drink

      We know we need something in our hand to encourage open and honest chat – its what brings us together at the bar and gives us a chance to express ourselves.

      Here’s our go-to virtual hangout drinks for the month of March.



        Blood Orange Negroni - Fancy an aperitivo? Try an elevated version of your typical Negroni with this Blood Orange twist. Buy a round for your mates virtually by having one delivered to your mates doorstep prior to your virtual hang out!


        Elderflower Gimlet - Fancy a straight from the bottle pour into your favourite martini glass serve, or perhaps feeling like something longer? Just add soda for an instant spritz! One drink, two options. Choose your own adventure!


        Salted Honey Old Fashioned - Missing your favourite neighbourhood bar as much as us? Have a signature Salted Honey Old Fashioned delivered direct to your door and cheers to the next bar hop. 

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