How to celebrate Mum this Mothers Day


Mum's - hug's, warm breakfasts, drives to 4am swimming classes, late night pickups from parties, long phone calls. Once a year we get a chance to celebrate all the tireless sacrifices our Mum's make for us. This year's a little different for the many of us unable to land on their Mum's front door step with flowers & chocolate. We have to get a little creative to make sure they feel special on their day so we've gathered up the best ways to celebrate your mum this Mother's Day.

Here's 5 ways to celebrate your Mum this Mother's Day:

Write a letter

Everything old is new again. There is something almost magical about receiving a letter these days; the personalised hand writing, the lines through mismatched thought and the authenticity of free flowing ideas. This Mothers' Day write your Mum a personalised letter letting her know how much she means to you. Drop it in the PostBox, no contact needed, many smiles guaranteed. 

Get the fam together for a video edit

Not a word smith? What about getting the family together to film a personalised video to your mum. Include some special memories, an easy laugh - maybe some childhood photos of that bad perm. Get the tech wiz in the family to edit it together and post it on Facebook (don't forget to tag your mum) for a wakeup surprise she can share with her friends. 

Send your Mum a Cocktail Porter Cocktail Box

This year Cocktail Porter has created 2 Mothers' Day Cocktail Porter gift boxes for you to choose from for your Mum. 

1. French Martini

Give mum everything she needs to enjoy a French Martini at home! Cocktail Porter cocktail boxes supply everything needed, with detailed instructions, so everyone can drink in style.

Fan of a French Martini? This year elevate your Mother's Day with a pink fairy floss garnish to really celebrate:

2. Elderflower Spritz

Is your Mum a fan of bubbles? The Elderflower Spritz is the perfect cocktail for Mum's who might love a pre bottled option with a bit of a zing 

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