Who are Feels Botanical?

In 2019 Feels Botanical’s creators, Blake and Steve had a strong shift in their future goals, seeking greater meaning and purpose with a strong priority of family, to create something real, authentic and with a purpose.

Embarking on years of research, trial and development, including researching and gaining an understanding of old Apothecary traditions, along with studying the traditions of combining alcohol with natural ingredients.

With the abundance of world-renowned grapes within Australia, the pair began exploring the process of distilling grapes to create alcohol known as “Eau De Vie”, known as “water of life” in France. Creating a superior, velvety mouthfeel and unrivalled quality. Alas, feels was born.

“We are about genuine connections with people, creativity and nature.”


Taking in the scenic views of Adelaide Hills – the region of inspiration – picture this, crisp air, stunning scenery, woodland shade and labyrinth valleys. Here lay the distillery where Feels Botanical is created.

The Feels Botanical distillery partner is the only Certified B-corp distillery in Australia. Specialising in sourcing native Australian botanicals, opting for sustainable farming and production across their entire manufacturing and supply chain.

How is it made?

Utilising the abundance of high-quality Australian grapes, which are fermented into wine and then distil into a high proof Eau de Vie grape spirit that forms the base of all feels expression.

The harmony of flavours are perfectly matched to your emotions and senses. And it’s free of gluten, grain and preservatives with no added sugar – that is proudly Australian made and owned.

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“We utilise nature and a progressive approach towards ancient Apothecary wisdom”


Why Eau De Vie?

Why eau de vie? Sure, it’s not something you hear thrown around a bar often but to the guys at feels, the choice was obvious.

With Eau De Vie, there is a rich tapestry, steeped in European history and drinking culture. Not only, does it have a strong history, but the superior taste and quality are hard to pass off. Delivering a fruity characteristic, as well as a velvety, smooth texture it is unlike any other botanical spirit.

The sustainability and locality of the spirit, unique in nature, allows for Feels to grasp the unique-grape based spirit and truly tap into the wealth of wine vintages here in Australia.

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