In the Spotlight: BRIX Distillers

BRIX Distillers was born out of a love for rum, and passion to bring rum to new audiences. They have a huge love for discovery, experimentation, appreciation & adventure, and are also our featured Porter's Club spirit for August. 

Rum is Rebellious

However it doesn't always get the best rep in Australia. BRIX believes it should be loved and adored in respect for the effort and craft that goes into it's production. 

They produce a variety of unique rums that can be enjoyed in the bars of Australia and in our own backyards. Along with some fun & interesting small batch releases and collaborations along the way.

Where did they start?

In 2017, they set out to find a site to establish an urban distillery that showcased
the best that Australia has to offer, and found their
 home on Bourke Street, Surry Hills.

Brix source the best quality Australian molasses, fresh organic sugar cane, an Australian made copper still, best quality native spices & Australian wine barrels from some of the best wine making regions of the world.

Distillery Experiences

You can go and experience BRIX's Surry Hills Distillery and have a first-hand introduction into the world of rum.

Whether it's a tour, spicing your own rum or filling & owning your own rum barrel, they will make your rum journey special.

You can also indulge in some delicious cocktails at the Brix Distillery Bar & Kitchen.

Sit at the bar with an expansive view of the distillery and watch how premium Australian molasses is transformed into a very special craft rum while enjoying their inspired South American and Caribbean food pairings.

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