How to create an Instagram worthy grazing platter

An all-time favourite and most impressive looking addition to any event is a Mediterranean inspired grazing board. Overflowing with cheeses, cured meats, brightly coloured fruits, nuts and all varieties of crackers, these highly aesthetic platters promise to deliver gasps of delight from your guests. You’ll be happy to know it doesn’t take a food stylist to nail this dish. Here’s our top tips on how to graze like a pro.

1. Nothing beats quality

Everyone knows good becomes great when you opt for excellent quality ingredients and hunting down the best ones can be a fun activity all in itself. Farmers markets and boutique delis often have the freshest products and won’t cost you a fortune either.

2. Get cheesy

What’s a grazing board without an exciting variety of cheese? We recommend a few different styles, such as a brie (or any other soft, decadent cheese), a blue cheese because it goes great with a quince paste and a harder, sharp cheese like cheddar. The trick is to make sure to take your soft cheese out of the fridge at least an hour before serving (unless it’s a hot day and then last minute is ok!).


3. Colour!

Everyone eats with their eyes so adding some bright colours to your grazing board makes it all the more appetising. Try adding some small bowls of brightly coloured dips (Like beetroot dip) or even seasonal fruits like mango and raspberries.

4. Keep it bite sized

Keep awkward sized nibbles off the board. There’s nothing worse than misjudging it and realising too late it was definitely not meant to be eaten in one go.

5. Meat variety

Play around with some cured meats! Head down to your local deli to select a variety of cold meats that compliment the cheese and crackers. Sliced Italian prosciutto and a hot salami are always a winner.

6. Platter up!

Less is more does not apply when it comes to creating that wow factor. Start from the centre and work your way out, laying down the heroes (meat, cheese, dips, crackers etc.) Once you’re happy it’s time to fill in the gaps with things like nuts, berries, chocolates and even sun dried tomatoes. Voila!

Now you’re ready to get grazing!


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