Boozy Board Games

Whether it’s Monopoly, Scrabble or Pictionary, a night at home playing board games can always be improved with a few rounds of cocktails!

From slow sippers to fun, playful drinks, we’ve got you covered no matter what level of serious the game is.

Our cocktail boxes are perfectly suited for a sweet or bitter night in with some friends. Here are our top five favourite board games and their undeniably delicious drinking partner! 

Photo by Adam Jaime 

Monopoly & Blood Orange Negroni

Firstly, the OG board game, which turns friends into foes in their quest for total domination of the market: Monopoly! Our twist on the Italian classic Negroni is not something to be enjoyed quickly, rather sipped slowly, letting your mind concentrate on trading properties and building hotels whilst your tastebuds are lit up with the fiery ingredients. This bottled cocktail may be small, but with 30ml each of Tanqueray, Campari and Sweet Vermouth it is robust, bitter and floral and is waiting for you to pour it straight into a chilled rocks glass.

Cluedo & Blood Orange and Turmeric Gimlet

Cluedo, the murder mystery game that turns each player into a suspect. What better combination than to be sipping a Blood Orange cocktail while investigating the bloody crimes committed by those around you… or was it you! The fresh and zesty profile of the gimlet is softened with a dash of caramelised orange, but don’t let this soften your game face, stay strong and move around the board like the smooth criminal you know you are. So get shaking and sipping, your opponents will be very impressed!

Twister & Mango Storm Punch

Now, this might not ‘technically’ be a board game, but we’re not technical people, just give us some Mango Storm Punch and a twister mat and we couldn’t be happier! This party starter punch is perfect for your guests to refill themselves as the game goes on. Seduce your opponents with this delicious cocktail and they’ll be falling all over each other with you coming out the winner! Twister is a game of physical skill and this Mango Storm is sure to keep you hydrated, refreshed and ready to dominate the mat. Mixed with spiced Bundaberg, Willie Smith Cider, Blackstrap Ginger Beer and Mango Syrup to keep it smooth and sweet.

Poker & Treacle Old Fashioned

Royal Flush! Now you’ve really won, and we have the perfect drink to reward yourself with… the smooth concoction of Pampero, burnt orange, vanilla, fresh apple and vermouth – is your mouth-watering yet? Our dark and fruity re-take on this fashionable favourite will have you dealing the cards like a pro and if you’re in the mood, it is perfectly accompanied by a range of cheeses, crackers and fruit to complement the flavours.

Cards against Humanity & Pink Grapefruit Margarita

A party game for horrible people matched with horribly delicious grapefruit margs… that sounds like a night worth staying in for. Now, this game isn’t for the faint-hearted, as the drinks go down the game gets more funny, offensive and as politically incorrect as possible. The combination of Don Julio Blanco mixed with pink grapefruit soda, triple sec, and your choice of citrus or sriracha salt will have your tastebuds tanging. So, are you feeling salty, sweet, sour or spicy? Pick up a card and fill in the blank with your best answer!

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