5 reasons why a Race Day house party is a safe bet

Saddle Up! Our favourite race day is fast approaching. In just a few days, every bar & restaurant will be packed to the rafters with package parties and a few too many dubious fascinators. For those of you who haven’t decided which venue is a safe bet, here’s 5 reasons why you’re better throwing your own race day party.

1. Your wallet will thank you 

Sure, Melbourne Cup is an experience - but its an experience your wallet could do without. Whether it's the set menu at your local or the Uber surcharge, there’s just no way of coming out ahead. Instead ask your friends to bring a dish each, serve up some DIY spritz cocktails and enjoy the smug satisfaction that you had a great day at half the price.

2. The crowds 

We love people but there’s only so many you can take in one confined space. To save you from bar queues and craning to see the screen, take the party to yours. A least you’ll be able to hear the race.

3. You probably could have made it better 

It’s not their fault. It happens. Melbourne cup is one of the busiest days of the year and venues are pumping out thousands of drinks and spring themed lunches. Let’s be honest, we often find ourselves thinking we could have made it better. So this year, why don't you? And hey, you can whip out Cocktail Porter drinks in 2 minutes flat, no long queues required.

4. This 

You wouldn't wear it on any other day of the year. You don’t have to start now!

5. You have the best music taste of anyone you know 

Sure the race is great but having a dance with your best friends is better. It’s time to whip out the speakers and show the DJ how its done at your 10/10 at home race day party.

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