Mini Seedlip Spritzer

Mini Seedlip Spritzer
Mini Seedlip Spritzer

6 Steps

5 Ingredients

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Cutting down on alcohol shouldn’t mean you miss out on the fun. So if you're not drinking this month... here's what you should be!

Taking the world’s greatest non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip and combining with unfermented grape verjuice, cucumber and mint cordial and local yuzu soda. July is all about enjoying drinking cocktails that are packed full of flavour, without the guilt or excessive calories.  


200ml Seedlip Grove
Maggie Beer Verjuice 250ml
Belvoir cordial Cucumber & mint 100ml
2 x Strangelove Yuzu Lo Cal Soda 300ml
60g Caraway Seeds


Highball Glass
Jigger (measurer)
Bar Spoon
Mixing Glass
1 x Bag of Ice
Kaffir Lime Leaves (optional garnish)

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