Raspberry Mint Mojito Sub Box

Raspberry Mint Mojito Sub Box
Raspberry Mint Mojito Sub Box

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This month's cocktail is about capturing the essence of a long lunch while keeping the summery vibes alive. Introducing our reinvention of the wildly Cuban classic cocktail, the Mojito!

Take the usual suspects of Pampero Blanco Rum with fresh mint and lime, combined with tangy Soda Press berry sweetness and top with Fever tree soda water and a light sprinkle of icing sugar. The timeless tipple will make you want to close your eyes and float away to the Caribbean. 


Pampero Blanco Rum 700ml
Soda Press Raspberry Mint (or Blueberry Lime) 500ml
4 x Fever Tree Premium Soda Water 200ml
Organic Icing Sugar
Dehydrated Lime Wheels


Highball Glass (tall)
Jigger (measurer)
Ice Bag
Fresh Mint

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