Lemon Sherbet Cosmo

Lemon Sherbet Cosmo
Lemon Sherbet Cosmo

7 Steps

6 Ingredients

16 Cocktails

Get fruity with our contagious play on a Cosmopolitan!

Shake up a delicious storm with Ketel One Vodka, Aperol, plum nectar and house made sherbet. You'll the toast of the party when you host your besties around for your next get together. This cocktail references all the best dark fruit flavours, that are best enjoyed any time of year, rain, hail or shine.



700ml Ketel One
2 x 250ml Plum Nectar
260ml Aperol 260ml
324g Lemon Sherbet Mix
Cinnamon Sticks
Star Anise


Mixing Cup (for sherbet)
Measuring Jigger
Cocktail Shaker
Hawthorne Strainer
Fine Strainer
Bar Spoon
Bag of Ice

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