Whisky Box 4 Ways

Whisky Box 4 Ways
Whisky Box 4 Ways

9 Steps

5 Ingredients

14 Cocktails

Our Whisky Sour 4 Ways cocktail box gives you the chance to go rogue and come up with his own version of this beloved classic.

No less than four variations of the Whisky Sour can be achieved by simply mixing and matching a range of different syrups, including ginger, honey, traditional or a combination to create your own perfect slow sipping concoction.

Traditional Whisky Sour, Gold Rush, Penicillin or Ginger Sour? Pick your tipple!



Johnnie Walker Black 700ml
Crawley's Simple Syrup 375mL
The Ginger People Organic Ginger Syrup 237ml
Capilano Organic Raw Honey Jar 320g
Marco Polo Pitted Cherries Pitted Fresh 670g
Cube Ice Mould


Measuring Jigger
Cocktail Shaker
Hawthorne Strainer
Fine Strainer

Bag of Ice
Eggs (optional)

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