The Espresso Martini - Large

The Espresso Martini - Large
The Espresso Martini - Large

6 Steps

5 Ingredients

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The harder you shake it, the better you make it.


Less is more when it comes to creating the perfect Espresso Martini.


Ketel One Vodka is combined with coffee liqueur and premium cold drip coffee and shaken hard to create that infamous foamy top. Finished with grated dark chocolate, this twist on our favourite classic is the perfect way to kick off your night.


Celebrate National Vodka Day 

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Ketel One Vodka 700mL
Mr Black Liqueur 200mL
2 x Seven Seeds Cold Filter Coffee* 200ml
Sugar Syrup 100mL
Dark Chocolate

*Brand of Cold Drip Coffee & Sugar Syrup may be subject to change pending availability


Martini Glass
Cocktail Shaker
Hawthorne Strainer
Jigger (measurer)

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